The late, great Irvine Hurt: 

Irvine C. Hurt was born June 13, 1949 to the late Henry and Margaret Hurt. Big Irv, he was lovingly known, worked at what is now National City Bank. His love of music stemmed from a long family tradition beginning at an early age in the Homewood Tams, Steel City Spartans, Pittsburgh Rockets, Steel City Ambassadors, Westshoreman, and the Syracuse Brigadiers.

In August 2000, we were quite saddened by the death of our leader and guide.  Irv was the heartbeat and big bottom for the new MIDI/acoustic ensemble. His grooves and polyrhythms moved us deeply as we wove middle and high voices around the complex underbelly of his funky beats.  During his prolonged battle with diabetes, we made a pact to continue the dream of becoming rhythm explorers. Thus the cast shrinks, but the goal remains the same…


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