Sandy McNeal:  

Starting in 1965 with a rudimental bass drum in the Pittsburgh Rockets until the present, Sandy McNeal has been rockiní the streets of Pittsburgh in numerous ensembles: Steel City Spartans, Homewood Tams, Pittsburgh Rockets, Ra Herb, Operation Perfection, Gentle Persuasion,  Steel City Ambassadors, Syracuse Brigadiers and The Westshoreman (Harrisburg, PA).  Sandy has also served as an instructor for numerous Pittsburgh junior drum & stick teams.  

During the last 16 years Sandy became famous for his role in various pit percussion ensembles as Performer of Year in 1985, 1986, and 1990.  In 1996, Sandy won the Drum Corps Associate Championships with The Westshoreman.  Sandy is one of the most accomplished conga players to originate and remain in the Pittsburgh percussion community. His techniques and beautiful rhythms serve as the anchor for our adventures in polyrhythmic space.


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