Sample our work!

The sounds on this page are small samples of the Just Us repertoire.    Everything herein is performed live. Files are available in two formats: Real Media (rm) & MP3

First up is a trio excerpt from one of our favorite stylistic tunes, Caribbean.

Second, is a millennium tune we wrote with Irvine Hurt in late 1999. Instead of Y2K panic we instituted a YJK groove - "you just kick!"

Third Sandy imparts a little drumming philosophy in the vocals on this one!

Our favorite tune @ gigs is the one that keeps them dancing on their way out...

For hard core - "no sequences" percussionists, here's a tune we call "the African" with guest player Mr. Pete Harris.

Last is our signature party tune, Walking Beat. Pete sits in again and  David Hurt's keyboard work is phenomenal. Check it out!!!





Get the Cakewalk INS file for the Alesis QSR Mix Banks here.


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